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Pulse of the North

Introducing our debut PULSE OF THE NORTH collection, paying tribute to the strength of Canadian sports teams, our hometown of Toronto, and the iconic CN Tower. This stylish sports collection captures the essence of the Canadian spirit with a perfect blend of urban flair and athletic themes.

At the heart of our campaign lies a tribute to the strength and resilience of Canadian sports teams. We honor the iconic CN Tower, weaving its coordinates (43°38′33.36″N 79°23′13.56″W) into our designs for a unique touch of national pride.

Step into the world of PULSE OF THE NORTH and feel the rhythm of a nation that values unity, strength, and style. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Canada, offering you a way to express your pride with every wear. Stay tuned for more Canadian tributes, celebrating the sports teams, landmarks, and symbols that make our nation unique.

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